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16 May 2018

Where Do Nutrients Go When You Irrigate

Fernandez, Thomas R. (Michigan State University)

This article covers irrigation management with an emphasis on nutrient retention.  Prevent over-irrigation by understanding how water is held in containers.  There are many links provided to assist you in skillful irrigation management.

15 May 2018

Removal of Paclobutrazol from Irrigation Water using Granular Activated Carbon

Grant, G.A., P. Fisher, J.E. Barret, and P.C. Wilson (University of Florida)

Paclobutrazol is a commonly used plant growth regulator for controlling plant height, which has biological activity in the parts per billion range and a half-life in water of over 6 months. Pesticides such as paclobutrazol have potential to accumulate in recaptured irrigation water over time. This recently published article outlines various experiments conducted at the University of Florida where irrigation water containing paclobutrazol was effectively removed using a laboratory-scale granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system. There is potential that GAC can be used to remediate recaptured irrigation water for a range of agrichemicals relevant to the greenhouse and nursery industry.

26 Apr 2018

Test Your Irrigation Water for Phytophthora

Redekar, N.R. and Parke, J.L. (Oregon State University)

Phytophthora is a plant pathogen that can infect a wide variety of nursery plant species, and it spreads in irrigation water. In this article, we will describe how you can test your irrigation water for Phytophthora using baits. We present a case study of a large nursery where baiting was used to test the efficacy of their water treatment. Although this nursery recycles 90% of their irrigation water, we showed that they were successful at controlling Phytophthora contamination with their chlorination treatments.

American Nurseryman Redekar and Parke 2018 (657 KB)

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